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0.5m HDMI cable

Audio Proz Inv #: 61067


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100ft AC cord

Audio Proz Inv #: 17106

12 gauge, 3 prong plug, 120vac. Thick, heavy duty jacket. Four socket box end.

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10ft Super low noise instrument cable

Audio Proz Inv #: 23744


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12ch snake XLR(f) to 1/4" TRS

Audio Proz Inv #: 50483

15ft snake cable with highest quality Switchcraft ends. Mint condition.

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14ch snake TRS to phone

Audio Proz Inv #: 50480

15ft insert snake with highest quality Switchcraft ends, channel numbers stamped on connectors. Mint condition.

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Local customers, please do not come to the shop without calling ahead first - (617) 926-8020 - for an appointment, so that we can more efficiently help you with your equipment or sound recording needs.

15' cable Speakon to 1/4" phone

Audio Proz Inv #: 49088

Excellent condition.

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15' XLR to 5-point Dice Mic

Audio Proz Inv #: 49193

5-point "dice" design microphone connector to Switchcraft female XLR. Excellent condition.

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16 CH Phone to RCA

Audio Proz Inv #: 50804

20 FT snake, high quality Switchcraft connectors, could be rewired for other connectors, cable is balance line wire but used as basic one conductor #9 condition, 2 available

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18v Mic Power Supply

Audio Proz Inv #: 52945

Male and female XLR. Mounted in box. 2 9v Battery Terminals. Well done hobbiest box. For film work and Elecret condenser mics. 8 condition. Paint roughness.

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24-channel RCA snake patch bay

Audio Proz Inv #: 48216

16 Switchcraft ends and 8 molded Teac ends, all RCA(m) with one end bare, and cable harness, ready to wire up to patch bay. Very good #8 condition.

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250IF vintage mic cable

Audio Proz Inv #: 52089

20' length with thick rubber jacket. Excellent quality connector ends and cable. 250IF is the most common vintage style female end used in astatic bullet and similar type microphones. Switchcraft connector, excellent condition.

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We keep our database up to date with almost 10,000 items in stock. If you see a part number and a price, we have that item in stock.

2m HDMI cable

Audio Proz Inv #: 61065


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30' 8ch split phone XLR cable

Audio Proz Inv #: 50887

High impedance phone in split to high Z phone out at box and split to transformer balanced XLRm low Z out, probably to mic pre. Good for keyboard or monitor mix situations. High quality Switchcraft connectors.

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30ft 1/4-1/4 Speaker cable

Audio Proz Inv #: 21105

w/neopreen jacket

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32-channel Penn Wire balanced bundle

Audio Proz Inv #: 48215

6ft length, excellent, partially prepped cable for setting up a patch bay. Requires to snip off Molex connector.

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4' MIDI to 3-mini jack Rhodes Chroma Oberheim

Audio Proz Inv #: 49944

Cable for interfacing 8-pin DIN connector cassette data to possible Rhodes Chroma or Oberheim. Excellent condition.

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4-channel phone to RCA snake

Audio Proz Inv #: 48959

5' length, 1/4" phone to male RCA, 4 channel snake bundle. All highest quality Switchcraft parts. Very good condition.

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We leave "SOLD" items on our website for machines that we often repair and provide parts for. This is to give you an idea of the products we typically carry, and direct you to alternatives you may not know about - we often have substitutes for out-of-stock parts, and are happy to recommend workarounds and different solutions to common problems.

4ch 1/4" TRS 4'

Audio Proz Inv #: 48967

Set of four 1/4" TRS cables, good for use as effects send/return. 4 channels to cut ends. Quality Neutrix connectors installed on one end, ready to add your preferred connectors or patch bay on bare end. Very good condition.

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5' S-Video cable

Audio Proz Inv #: 48575

Excellent condition, two pieces available.

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50ft 3-channel XLR snake

Audio Proz Inv #: 44583

XLR male to XLR female. High quality Switchcraft jacks. Good #8 condition but shows signs of use.

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50ft 3-channel XLR snake

Audio Proz Inv #: 44585

XLR male to XLR female. High quality Switchcraft jacks. Used in good #8+ condition.

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5channel effect send snake

Audio Proz Inv #: 46825

10ft length. Has 4 TRS 1/4" to 8 phone, plus one phone to phone. All high quality Switchcraft connectors. Excellent condition.

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6 Way RCA Switcher Box

Audio Proz Inv #: 32273

Has two mini stereo ins and four RCA stereo ins.

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Re: International Shipping: We ship internationally often and have yet to encounter a problem or complaint. We are very careful to test the equipment before itís packed and then to double box the machine with added protection when needed for front panels, etc. We are not amateurs or an ebay store; we know these machines very well and know what it takes to get them to you safely. We use USPS priority internationally which seems to be the cheapest. If you prefer another carrier (you should know who delivers to your area reliably) please let us know. Also please be aware of any tariffs that you may be responsible for upon pick up on your end. International shipping may be expensive but we will make sure it is not a headache on top of the cost. PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY WILL BE A MINIMUM OF $16 EVEN FOR SMALL PARTS.

6" Hosa patch cable

Audio Proz Inv #: 49351

Foot box patch cables, right angle phone plugs. New. Six pieces available.

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6' unbalanced cable harness

Audio Proz Inv #: 48981

24 phone plugs nicely installed on one end, harnessed and spaced for mixer console or patch bay. Switchcraft connectors.

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