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Audio Proz Inv #: 54014

Mixer board PS. Input 120 VAC. Output #1 2x17.5 VAC. 2x 650 MA. Output #2 3.0 VAC/ 100 MA. NEW

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108-3 Power Supply Board

Audio Proz Inv #: 58287

For most basic 12 volt motor systems. #9 salvage.

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12 VAC 830 MA Stanton DFJ-1

Audio Proz Inv #: 59966

For next products or many others with standard end connector. Fits most products. High quality. 9.

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120vAC power cord

Audio Proz Inv #: 57312

Semi-round, flat, 3 prong AC cord. .8" between holes; .5" .2" offset hole; 18/3 gauge. For instrumentation equipment or vintage audio, usually reel to reels. Condition: 9

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12vac 1.5amp power supply

Audio Proz Inv #: 45223

Leader Electronics #A48121500. Others may be available. Excellent #9 condition.

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We keep our database up to date with almost 10,000 items in stock. If you see a part number and a price, we have that item in stock.

2 channel Custom Phantom Supply

Audio Proz Inv #: 30323


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2 Prong AC Cord

Audio Proz Inv #: 53017

With unique 2 hole female connector end 3/8 hole to hole and locking flange tabs. #8 condition.

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2-prong AC cord generic figure 8

Audio Proz Inv #: 49213

Fits most VCR, CD, DVD, portables, etc. for Sony, Panasonic, Technics. "Figure 8" connector with detent in center to fit. 3ft cord length, excellent condition.

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2-prong AC cord generic figure 8

Audio Proz Inv #: 49211

Fits most VCR, CD, DVD, portables, etc. for Sony, Panasonic, Technics. "Figure 8" connector with detent in center to fit. 6ft cord length, excellent condition, three pieces available.

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9v 3mm supply #350904003CT

Audio Proz Inv #: 49348

9vDC, 400mA, 3mm plug connector, inside positive. Excellent condition.

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9v AC adapter MW41-0900600

Audio Proz Inv #: 49920

9vDC, 600mA, excellent condition.

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If you are having trouble finding parts, enter the name into our search bar at the top of the page. Please be aware there is a minimum $4-$6 to ship any part. International orders will be $14-$16 to ship for anything larger than an envelope. Shipping costs are non negotiable, so please, PLEASE do not ask for a part, or for us to search for, or quantify a part if you cannot pay for the shipping.

9v power supply

Audio Proz Inv #: 50953

120vAC 60Hz 150mA input, 9vAC 600mA output. Excellent condition.

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Audio Proz Inv #: 57800

11 VDC, 800mA. #9

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AC adapter

Audio Proz Inv #: 60993

Model #AD1205A, Input: 120V AC 60Hz 9.5VA, Output: 12V DC 500mA, positive center connector, typical connector, #8

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AC/DC adapter

Audio Proz Inv #: 60992

Class 2 transformer, Model: MKD-480602100, Input: 120V AC 60Hz 0.3A, Output: 6V DC 2100 mA, positive center connector, typical connector, #9

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Audio Proz Inv #: 59344

8 switches for A/C 120Volt power. Well built design. 1 rack space. Condition #10

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Adjust-A-Volt variable transformer T51u

Audio Proz Inv #: 49631

120v-6A, 50-60Hz, open frame transformer variac, 4.5" square metal mounting plate. Excellent condition.

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We leave "SOLD" items on our website for machines that we often repair and provide parts for. This is to give you an idea of the products we typically carry, and direct you to alternatives you may not know about - we often have substitutes for out-of-stock parts, and are happy to recommend workarounds and different solutions to common problems.

ADS-36W-12-2 1236

Audio Proz Inv #: 61059

Positive center connector, Input: 100V-240V ~50/60 Hz 0.8A max, Output: 12V 3.0A⎓3.0A, typical connector, #9

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AEG RE-502

Audio Proz Inv #: 57875

Battery charger. condition #8

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Audio Proz Inv #: 44035

6vdc wallwart for AIWA product.

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Aiwa car battery adapter DC 602

Audio Proz Inv #: 50272

6vDC, 300mA cigarette lighter adapter. Excellent condition.

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Akai adaptor

Audio Proz Inv #: 27221

AC 115/12v DC, 900 ma, Input:AC 115-230v, 50/60Hz. Output: DC 12v, 900 ma.

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AKG Phantom Power Supply

Audio Proz Inv #: 14809

48 volt, 2 channels, AP-modified with updated capacitors.

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AKG Phantom Supply

Audio Proz Inv #: 53683

18 volt phantom power supply, 2 channel. Small protect box design. Operates on two 9V batteries. Braced wire ground reinforced, #8+

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AKG Phantom Supply N-62E Series VB

Audio Proz Inv #: 30322


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