Audio Proz Service and Sales

(2) Motors

Audio Proz Inv #: 59118

RF-500TB-14415. 9/10 condition. $22 each.

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Audio Proz Inv #: 58725

Laser sled transport. 9/10 condition, pulled from low use machine, tested and in working condition.

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DBX DX5 parts

Audio Proz Inv #: 48427

Parts for hobbyist, deck is missing top cover. Black face version.

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Denon DCM-460 CD player

Audio Proz Inv #: 56114

Motor. RF - 500TB - 14415. PO 82 78 18. Has original nylon pulley. Salvaged from working machine. Tested/oiled. 9/10 condition.

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Denon DCM-460 CD player

Audio Proz Inv #: 56115

Motor, PB7, 225, has original black nylon pulley. From working unit. Tested/oiled. 9/10 condition.

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We are presently operating on an APPOINTMENT ONLY basis. Please call us first at (617) 926-8020 to schedule an appointment before you come into the shop for repairs, rentals, product recommendations, consultations, or anything other than minor purchases.

Denon DUM 1815 motor

Audio Proz Inv #: 59343

Mitsumi M31E-1, 9/10 condition tested and low use.

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Audio Proz Inv #: 60327

MOTOR 12VDC 2000-4000 RPM CCW. Tested, Working, oiled, #9 condition.

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Gemini CD-210 Dual Pro CD Player

Audio Proz Inv #: 55665

For parts. Appears intact, missing right pitch control knob and connector cable.

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Harman Kardon CDR 20 parts deck

Audio Proz Inv #: 45930

Dual CD player/burner FOR PARTS. CD burner is nonfunctional, CD tray is a good assembly for replacement part. Very good #8 condition parts deck.

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Harman Kardon CDR-26 parts

Audio Proz Inv #: 50299

Parts unit, will not power up. Unknown condition, untested, may be good for parts/hobbyist use. CD transport probably easily salvageable.

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Harman Kardon FL8450

Audio Proz Inv #: 55243

Laser sled assembly, with all motors, etc. KSS-210A laser. Salvaged, tested OK, #8+

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Local customers, please do not come to the shop without calling ahead first - (617) 926-8020 - for an appointment, so that we can more efficiently help you with your equipment or sound recording needs.

Harman Kardon FL8450

Audio Proz Inv #: 55445

Motor: RF-500TB-14415. CD platter loading motor.

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Harman Kardon remote for FL-8450

Audio Proz Inv #: 55318

remote for modern HK CD. Condition 9

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Audio Proz Inv #: 59342

Lense/laser assembly KSS-210A. Chassis KSM-2101 AAM. Complete unit with lense, laser, connectors and motors mounted on board. Motors are 2 Mabuchi RF-310T-11400 D/V 4.0 and D/V 5.9. Customer must reuse existing cable. Condition #9

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Audio Proz Inv #: 54981

CD burner. XLR in, AES in, optical I/O, coaxial I/O, line I/O. Possibly off alignment. Laser optics and mechanics low use. Worth the main board, possible to make one perfect unit.

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HHB CDR74 Gold

Audio Proz Inv #: 49650

74min/650mb "Gold" blank CD media. 1-8x speed. Nine pieces available.

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HHB CDR80 Silver

Audio Proz Inv #: 49651

80min/700mb blank CD media. 1-12x speed. Many available.

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Re: International Shipping: We ship internationally often and have yet to encounter a problem or complaint. We are very careful to test the equipment before itís packed and then to double box the machine with added protection when needed for front panels, etc. We are not amateurs or an ebay store; we know these machines very well and know what it takes to get them to you safely. We use USPS priority internationally which seems to be the cheapest. If you prefer another carrier (you should know who delivers to your area reliably) please let us know. Also please be aware of any tariffs that you may be responsible for upon pick up on your end. International shipping may be expensive but we will make sure it is not a headache on top of the cost. PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY WILL BE A MINIMUM OF $16 EVEN FOR SMALL PARTS.

Intraclean 121 CD cleaner

Audio Proz Inv #: 48508

CD cleaning system with rotating mechanism for radial, even-pressure cleaning. New in box, with cleaning fluid included. Three pieces available.

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JVC FS-2000

Audio Proz Inv #: 61146

Ultra compact component system, had a repair problem, not fully functional, being sold for parts

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Audio Proz Inv #: 55231

Remote for most modern JVC multi-disc CD players. Missing battery cover, #8-

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JVC UX-7000R

Audio Proz Inv #: 58498

CD AM/FM Radio mini system. 230 volt system. Includes remote RM-RXU7000R. 7/10 condition, with repaired parts.

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Audio Proz Inv #: 58202

6 CD cart pack, with white cover

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JVC XL-R5000

Audio Proz Inv #: 58131

Multi disk and CD burner. Low use unit. Appears to have failed CD burner, not certain however. 9/10 condition (Excellent condition but failed.)

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We are a very different kind of shop. To help ensure a smoother experience please read our letter about our current shop policies.


Audio Proz Inv #: 40501

No remote. No drawer; motor open. Has 2901 IC JRC. Basic, good quality machine. Plays difficult and damaged discs well. Good #7 cosmetic condition, very good #8 overall. Professionally cleaned, serviced, tested.

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Kenwood CDM-800 6 disc cartridge

Audio Proz Inv #: 45266

Six disc magazine works with most Kenwood 6-disc CD players. Tested in working in #8 condition with some obvious use wear.

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