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EveNing - Check out some samples from Vince's home studio recording project. These recordings are live takes recorded directly to DAT using Electrix Repeaters to loop rhythm and bass while Vince plays guitar, keyboards, Congas, etc. all real-time, all one shot, mainly improvised. He creates a new age/avant garde soundscape.

EveNing available to listen and download here.

EveNing Album Cover

Vince Interview by Len Edgerly

Video Interview with Vince by Len Edgerly - Local documentary director and journalist Len Edgerly stopped into our shop the other day to purchase some equipment and was impressed enough with the contrast between our style and that of the corporate audio world, that he asked if he could do an impromptu video interview with Vince. Within a few minutes the camera was rolling, and by the next morning his interview was online. Len apparantly does not mess around. See video clip here.

Useful Resources -
Here are some links to some of our allies out there, and some useful resources and information in audio and related fields.

Melville Park Studio - Folk and acoustic recording in the Boston area since 1986.

After Midnight Productions - Studio and live recording, and video production.

Blood Drive - Dave's (Webmaster) Garage Punk Band.

Testimonials -

I have received the reel table and it is exactly what I needed. I just swapped out the spindle and installed it for a perfect fit. I want to thank you for a very professional experience and your dedication to helping me find the right part. I will not hesitate to recommend you to other friends in need of parts or repairs and I will come back when I need something else. Again thank you and have a good day.
- Murray

Hi Vince, this was a fantastic job that was done on this unit... sounds great ...thanks again,
- Giovanni

Great News! You made my day! You and Ken both hit a home run for me. I'm a happy camper thanks to you!
- Walter

Received the Maxell 10" reels today ~ Excellent ~ Well packed ~ Prompt shipping ~ Thank You!
- Bruce

Everything sounds incredible. It was just so great to see you and catch up. If I didn't have to drive back, I would have tempted you to play for much longer. I felt we just scratched the service. No better time then when two old simpatico friends reunite after so long. We need to do it again. Your piano playing blew me away. You are as close to a natural as I've ever heard.
- Bill

Hi Vince,
I've been meaning to write since I got my Apt preamp back after your repair and upgrade. I was mostly just expecting it to sound about like I remembered it sounding before it blew out one channel. I really don't have my audiophile ears anymore, partly due to age and partly due to just not having the time to devote to it. Nevertheless, the sound amazed me! The unit must have aged poorly. It appears that a lot of what I was blaming on my Martin-Logan Aeon i's was actually due to the Apt. Everything about the sound is much better. The quality and frequency range, spatial imaging, detail--all of it. I didn't even know that the MLs could manage bass like that. (I'm not a big bass guy, so I've actually toned the bass down, an interesting process considering the Apt's bass control adjustment possibilities.) I can get verbose in my emails, so I'll stop before I really get going. I'm very happy with the work you did on my Apt. Good job! Thanks very much.
- Charley

I am a one-man small electronics shop ( currently in Dallas, Tx. I learned the art of analog audio in NYC in the 60's & 70's from people like John Hawkins and Dave Blackmer. I ran a pro audio repair shop in Oakland, Ca. (Leo's Pro Audio shop) for 10 years. I was a full-time maintenance tech at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, Ca. and have done maintenance on every kind of reel-to-reel from Ampex 350s to TEAC 3340s to Studer A-800s. I kind-of know analog tape decks. I recently got a TEAC A-2340RS deck in my shop for a cleanup/tweak and it has one of your Claim Checks (#50762) on the bottom. I have to say, whomever last set this deck up did a great job; bravo. You make it very easy for the next guy (like me!). Keep up the good work, and if you're ever in Dallas give me a shout. Thanks.
- Guy

Hey Vince,
Thanks for taking the time to talk during my recent visit to Boston. It was great to meet you and see your shop. Again, I love the TPS 2 mod and am looking at doing another piece - maybe the VLA 2 as we discussed, or maybe even another TPS 2. And maybe I can even get some of my deluded friends in Minneapolis to actually give my TPS 2 a listen? :) Best,
- John

A couple a years back I sent in a APT Holman preamp for the mid grad service. I got a call form Vince himself who convinced me to upgrade to the "golden-ear" level. Since then I'm still not convinced I have a "golden-ear", but I have listened to several other "Audiophile" grade systems and honestly none of them seam to top my Holman based system. Understanding that there are lots of factors involved in a great sounding system the work done by Audio Proz on my Holman preamp is a huge factor in my system. So a big thank you. Listening to Kieth Emerson's rendition of the Piano Concerto No. 1 through a Grado reference cartridge and the Holman right now and simply stated, wow. Sincerely,
- Steve