Audio Proz Service and Sales

(2) Panasonic WV5380 Rackmount Monitors

Audio Proz Inv #: 19043

Video TV monitors. All video in/ outs BNC.

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6 Way RCA Switcher Box

Audio Proz Inv #: 32273

Has two mini stereo ins and four RCA stereo ins.

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Audio Proz Inv #: 11581

Video processor/router, has I/O for 3 VCRs, does Audio/Video fades, full functional check OK, cleaned and QC.

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AIM 2 IN Video Switcher w/remote

Audio Proz Inv #: 15452


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AIM RF Modulator

Audio Proz Inv #: 41549

Mono unit (14-5641), 3-4 Channel Selector, Video/audio IN only (no separate antenna), RF F conn Out, runs on 120V, new in box

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Akai AS-P202

Audio Proz Inv #: 26496

Remote control center

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Akai RC-V155A

Audio Proz Inv #: 88767

Akai Vcr/TV Chan +/- condition #9

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Akai SS-V10

Audio Proz Inv #: 44030

10-input audio/video switcher with remote control and manual. Slim line design with front connection jacks. Excellent #9 condition.

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Ambico MPX Stereo Decoder

Audio Proz Inv #: 13123


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Apex AD-1700M

Audio Proz Inv #: 35613


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Apex ADV-3800

Audio Proz Inv #: 35617


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Apex DT 250

Audio Proz Inv #: 58503

Digital TV. Broadcast receiver. Antenna IN. "F" conn A/V or S-video outs. With remote. 9/10 condition.

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Aquos / Sharp power supply board

Audio Proz Inv #: 44997

New stock, part number RDENCA161WJQZ, model LC32D41U. Used in TV model LC32D504.

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Archer 15-1270 video enhancer stabilizer

Audio Proz Inv #: 50274

Lock/delay/enhance/VNR/fade/source functions, A/B video in/out and A/B audio in/out. Coax video in/out, RCA audio in/out.

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Archer Video Selector

Audio Proz Inv #: 43732

switch between 5 TV inputs. 4 VCR recording inputs, 5 remote inputs. Amplified.

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Archer Video/Audio Controller

Audio Proz Inv #: 11685

Video Audio Controller, 30 combinations of horizontal/vertical and corner to corner wipes, variable speed control for video and stereo audio fade, programmable source switching.

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BP Electronics V-4805. video switcher

Audio Proz Inv #: 28381

New in box. 5 inputs 2 output. all "f" pin except for game input which is composite.

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BP Video - Video Enhancer/Stabilizer

Audio Proz Inv #: 37752

Some basic modification done (stabilizer/lock/gain controls/detail/fade in/out.) Usually can correct and fix copy and improve video to video. Steel chassis. Channel 3 modulation. RF output. 2 video, 2 audio mono output. 1 video in, 1 audio in. Audio can be stereo linked by itself. Nice machine!

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Cambridge Audio DVD

Audio Proz Inv #: 58959

CD, SACD, DVD, HDMI, DIVX, DTS. Plays all formats up to about 2010, no remote. Machine will select audio output depending on format use! 8+/10 condition, basic service and low use time.

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Coby DVD 657

Audio Proz Inv #: 50451

Single DVD player. Black slim line. With karaoke. CD + song lyric display and microphone! NEW in box w/ remote. S Video/ Component video. Standard A/V (No HDMI) 1. basic A/V cable PAL & NTSC.

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Colorline CVB-45P

Audio Proz Inv #: 16544

VHF Broadband Amp

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Dalco 55-1265 Digital Video Stabilizer

Audio Proz Inv #: 20214

Coax video in/out, corrects for copy guard on prerecorded VHS tapes or to improve video signal sync o poorly made VHS copy when transferring to DVD. Excellent condition, used only in house to dub tapes.

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Darfon power lips board B070-601

Audio Proz Inv #: 48123

marked B070-601, 5604073011, G80700EA2BP1E. Excellent condition.

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Denon DVD-1200

Audio Proz Inv #: 60009

(single disk) Plays CD MP# DCD Windows Media Kodak. Not remote operable! Digital/coax optical out. 9/10 condition, virtually a no use time machine!

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ET V32051-C06 T-Con controller logic board

Audio Proz Inv #: 48125

Used in Olevia Model 232-S13 and others. Excellent condition.

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